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So far, I’ve been posting about individual products that I’ve wanted to remember. This time, I’m going to give you a little list based on the below photo.

I took this photo for Threadless, a t-shirt company where people submit illustrations, members of the community vote on them and the company then prints and sells the winning designs as t-shirts, hoodies, prints and baby clothes.

I really dig Threadless because of the community involvement they inspire: anyone can submit an illustration. anyone can join and vote. anyone can purchase items.
AND if you post a pic of yourself, or a friend, wearing one of the shirts you bought, they give you a credit of $1.50 toward another purchase on their site.

Many people post simple self-portraits just to show that they are wearing the shirt. I started that way (see my first two submissions on the bottom) but now I like to take the opportunity to make a game of it (see photos above the bottom two).

[UPDATE – it seems that they no longer have the designs I submitted my photos for – it’s been over 9 years since I started buying their shirts! So, you can’t see my submission photos – wah wah wah.]

This isn’t actually the photo I submitted for the shirt called Rainbow Worrier (you’ll have to look at my profile to find out) but I wanted to use this one here because of the way it highlights the eyeshadow piece.

rainbow worrier 01Being True Glide Definer Brush allowed me to control the shadow application – most of which were loose, not cake, powders.

Being True Glide Definer Brush

Being True Glide Definer Brush

Here’s what’s on my eyes starting from the lash line and moving up – in Roy G. Biv order:
1. Urban Decay liquid liner in Gash (great name huh?)
2. Cargo 100% Natural Origin Eyeshadow in Ginger (which isn’t online for some reason…I got it from Sephora as a bonus item) It’s too bad I can’t find this one online because it’s a beautiful neutral shimmer and I love the little palette it came in.
3. Bare Escentuals Yellow bareMinerals Eyecolor in Butterfly
4. Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in Graffiti – the Deluxe Eyeshadow line is awesome – rich, deeply pigmented colors with great lasting power. I love this line!
5. Bare Escentuals Blue bareMinerals Eyecolor in Blue Moon
6. Bare Escentuals Blue bareMinerals Eyecolor in Gigi
7. Bare Escentuals Plum bareMinerals Eyecolor in Black Pearl

I like the Bare Escentuals colors but find that the loose pigments get stuck in the creases easily if you’re not loaded up on lid primer. I’m not sure I would buy more for myself but I’m thankful to my esthetics schoolmate Jessamin for gifting me with all of those beautiful Bare Escentuals colors!

Here’s a close up for you. Sorry it’s a bit blurry, like I said, I was rushing and sometimes it’s hard to have a steady hand when taking a selfie!
rainbow worrier close

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