Cargo Botanical Lipstick

2/15/14 UPDATE Alas, this beautiful color has been discontinued. 🙁
5/2/10 UPDATE I went to Sephora to get some of this lipstick for my mom and was told they “lost the brand.” It seems that one can only purchase it at Sephoras that are inside JC Penny now, as well as other retailers. You can order straight from their website, tho.

I have a thing for lip stuff. Not a day passes when I don’t put on at least two different lip products. I especially like lipstick and am rather picky about it. Cargo‘s Botanical Lipstick in the color Nahinni is my new favorite lipstick.

Here’s how I use it:
– No need to do anything but smooth it on. No lipliner or primer needed.
– I wear this all day at work to have a little bit of color and keep my lips hydrated while I talk to clients and sit behind the steamer.

The upsides:
The Feel
– It feels like silk being imbibed into my lips. Every time I put it on it makes me happy.

The Lasting Power

– I’m always suprised that it’s still there by lunch time when I wipe it off onto my napkin. Also, if I haven’t intentionally removed it before getting home at the end of the day, my boyfriend always says “ooh, you’re wearing lipstick.”

The Branding/Mission

– The box that it comes in is recycled and embedded with wildflower seeds that you can plant. This always makes me smile.
– Cargo’s PlantLove lipstick collection:

100% Natural, ECOCOERTTM certified lipsticks are gorgeously green on all levels – Product, Packaging and Process.

The not-so-upsides:
The Applicator
– I LOVE the corn packaging but found that the actual lipstick, uh, “stick” broke off at the base and rubs against the side of the tube whenever I twist it up or down. Not a deal breaker (no pun intended) but certainly not a fun thing to deal with on a regular basis! So ladies, and gents, when you get this lipstick, be very careful with it – don’t twist it all the way up and don’t keep it in your pocket where it’ll get warm (um, like I did…)

The Color Selection
– I’m guessing that the reason you’re not going to find super dramatic colors is due to the 100% natural ingredients. Nahinni, the color I have, is the deepest color I found at Sephora and it’s not as dark as I like to go. But that’s why I have other brands in my trusty kit!
– A lot of the colors are very sheer or shimmery. That could be an upside to you, but all the pinks just really don’t work for me.

I think everyone should have a tube of PlantLove in her/his makeup kit as a go to color – a no brainer that you can wear with anything. The neutral/natural color scheme of the line probably has at least one color that will work for you – get it because the main point of this lipstick is how amazing it feels and treats your lips.

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