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Weleda Skin Food

I first heard about Weleda when I was in college. I hurt a muscle somehow and my European friend gave me the last of her Weleda Arnica tincture to apply to it and it totally worked.
[I hunted for it on the website but the medical part is really deep and I don’t remember exactly which one I had.]

Since then, I’ve noticed Weleda products here and there – when babysitting, the baby products; when hanging out with my hippy friends, the strange salt toothpaste (that I’m fascinated by but can’t bring myself to pay $7 for); on my seemingly eternal hunt for curl taming hair products, the Rosemary Hair Oil (review of that coming later).

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Pangea Lip Balm

Pangea Organics has an Egyptian Fennel w/ Grapefruit & Sweet Orange Lip Balm that is my friend Eliza’s favorite product.
The caveat here is that I’ve never tried this product myself, but I do trust Miss Eliza’s taste and you know how much I love lip stuff.

Here’s how she uses it:
– She just loves it and wears it whenever she feels like having silky smooth lips.
– When her lips are chapped or irritated it is soothing and healing.

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