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Cargo Botanical Lipstick

2/15/14 UPDATE Alas, this beautiful color has been discontinued. 🙁
5/2/10 UPDATE I went to Sephora to get some of this lipstick for my mom and was told they “lost the brand.” It seems that one can only purchase it at Sephoras that are inside JC Penny now, as well as other retailers. You can order straight from their website, tho.

I have a thing for lip stuff. Not a day passes when I don’t put on at least two different lip products. I especially like lipstick and am rather picky about it. Cargo‘s Botanical Lipstick in the color Nahinni is my new favorite lipstick.

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Burts Bees Super Shiny Natural Lip Gloss

Update: Sadly, Burts Bees discontinued this lovely lip gloss

When I was in high school I wore makeup almost every day. I was especially fond of red lipstick and I wore dark matte colors – never lip gloss. Lip gloss was for the girly girls and I was a dark and brooding art class girl with a leather jacket and a tough attitude.
These days I still wear lipstick but I’ve toned it down a touch. I still don the almost-black-but-really-it’s-dark-purply-red lipstick that I loved so much back then, but usually only when I’m getting all done up for an event. Now that I see clients who look to me for advice about their skin, I stick with more accessible colors on the day to day. And this means that sometimes I get tired of wearing lipstick.

So at Walgreen’s one day, I saw Burt’s Bees Super Shiny Natural Lip Gloss (discontinued – broken link – broken heart) in Zesty Red and I thought, “why not? it’s Burt’s Bees AND it’s red”.

Here’s how I use it:

Sometimes I put it on top of lipstick. While this gives the lipstick more depth of color and makes my lips shiny, I don’t care for it. It makes reapplication much more necessary than I like for lipstick.
However, when I wear it alone, it makes my lips feel super sexy and hydrated. My boyfriend says it looks pretty sexy too!

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lost treasure found – yay!

3/6/10 UPDATE Having recently discovered the WP import from Blogger tool, I was able to export this one (slightly relevant) esthetic post from my old blogspot blog. It’s old, but it belongs here, now that this exists. 🙂

Last night as I was preparing my toiletries for a visit to Santa Cruz, I discovered a cache of makeup products that I thought I’d lost a looong time ago (at least a year).
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