Emani Pressed Mineral Foundation

I’ve been using Ginger – 291 from Emani’s pressed foundation line for about two years now and I love, love, love it.  I have a few clients who also love it after trying it per my suggestion.

Here’s how I use it:

I use the sponge to apply under my eyes and it mattifies and covers the dark circles without ever creasing or looking like I’ve got makeup on.

Sonia Kashuk Travel Brush

I then apply a small amount over my whole face with a travel kabuki brush by Sonia Kashuk to simply calm down the oiliness of my combination skin.

If I’ve got blemishes to cover, I then go back to the sponge, fold it to a point and apply lightly to the spots as if the tip of the folded sponge is a detail brush – it simply tones them down which I prefer to total coverage as it’s more natural looking and it doesn’t wear off in the same way as thicker, fuller coverage cover ups I’ve used.

The upsides:

The ingredients
– There are no parabens, talc or added fragrance and it’s vegan.
– There is some titanium dioxide which we all know is a physical, broad spectrum sunscreen.  They haven’t got an SPF claim because usage varies but I always feel more protected on a sunny day with my antioxidant serum, sunscreen spf 30 and some extra Emani foundation on my “hot spots” (nose, top of forehead and upper cheeks).
– None of these ingredients clog my pores at all – and I am a blackhead garden! To the contrary, when I don’t use my powder, my pores get more congested from all the oil my skin is producing that isn’t getting abosorbed by the powder.

It’s longevity
– Each compact lasts me at least six months of almost daily use. Of course, usage varies – if I wanted full coverage over my whole face every day, I’m sure it would only last a few months.
– It lives in my purse, which I’ve been known to drop accidentally or intentionally toss, and the makeup puck has never broken (knock wood).

The case
– It’s a little thick at approximately 1/2″ but it has a nifty section to hold your sponge. I LOVE that the sponge is kept away from the makeup so germies don’t go crawling all over everything.

The not-so upsides:

Oily coverage
– If you’re very oily and looking for a super full coverage makeup, I’m not sure this one will do for you. It works great on my combination skin but I have an acneic client who complains that it doesn’t help cover the redness of her breakouts to her desired level.  However, I’ve yet to really put an oily skinned client (aforementioned acneic client is normal with acne) to the task of trying it. When I do, I’ll post an update.

Mattification longevity
– About half way thru a day of giving facials with steam and waxing clients, the mattification is gone. But, one can presume this to be pretty standard across the board for us estheticians. I’m not one to reapply so I can’t say how well it layers.

This is by far my favorite pressed powder foundation – I highly recommend it.

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