Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk

In trying to fill out my reviews of Juice Beauty products (because I love their concept, their organic-ness & that they are made locally), I will embark on testing one of their cleansers.
I was recently given some samples of their Cleansing Milk and I tried it out once but don’t love it enough to try again.

Here’s how I use it:
– Get face wet, but not too wet.
– Apply one pump all over face & rinse.
– Repeat.

The upsides:
– I love that the base for all of Juice Beauty’s products is juice.

Instead of the typical water base that cannot be “organic or pesticide free,” Juice Beauty created an antioxidant rich organic juice base which is much more nourishing for your skin. Science has now shown us that organic juice is up to 50% higher in nutrients than non-organic juice.

It’s Gentle

– A creamy cleanser that will get your skin clean without stripping or causing irritation is a rare thing – there is usually one of those items missing. This cleanser would be ideal for dry to combination/dry skin.
– It removed my eye makeup without a hitch – no left over makeup and no irritated peepers.

The not-so-upsides:
It’s effectiveness
– It’s very thin and drippy and therefore hard to use for a good cleanse. I had to do two to feel clean.
– It has absolutely no foam so would not be good for me to use in the long term because of my small pores and combination/oily skin.
– I felt especially oily upon waking the morning after using.

I do love the concept behind Juice Beauty and as I mentioned before, I love their little sister company’s similar cleanser. However, this particular cleanser I will save for someone who is drier than I.

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