lost treasure found – yay!

3/6/10 UPDATE Having recently discovered the WP import from Blogger tool, I was able to export this one (slightly relevant) esthetic post from my old blogspot blog. It’s old, but it belongs here, now that this exists. 🙂

Last night as I was preparing my toiletries for a visit to Santa Cruz, I discovered a cache of makeup products that I thought I’d lost a looong time ago (at least a year).
They were in the small outside pocket that I don’t use very often – soo rad.

The first item I registered in my cache of lost treasure made me squeal with happiness – it was the one item I regularly lamented losing. Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in the most amazing color, Spandex. I immediately put some on and was so happy.

I once went to Nordstrom’s with a friend for some event where we all got little pink bags with swag and for every dollar we spent, we got a token towards gift prizes when we were done. She took me to the Lancome counter where she knew the woman working there. She got a full makeover and bought a few of her standard products. I discovered Lancome’s Artliner in a color called Spectrum (which isn’t on the sephora website – sadly because it’s the most amazing color: iridescent and almost rainbow. It’s so exciting to be reunited!
When I bought the artliner, she gave me two tubes of their Definicils Mascara. I gave one of the tubes to a friend (I’m too nice sometimes but I love to share the wealth) I love the size of the tube and had only used it once or twice. Yes, it’s only a sample but still – it was barely used!

My most favorite “drug store” lipstick was in the cache too! I know that one would have been a really easy one to replace – if I’d even noticed it was gone. But, now that I have my Maybelline Wet Shine Lip Color in Pink Topaz back, I’ll definitely be using it. This one is almost gone and I might even repurchase! (if they’re still making it)

I have a handful of little bottles of glitter – I can’t remember where I got any of them and I think a few were given to me. Two of my favorites, white and hot pink, were in this cache. I might have noticed them missing but it wasn’t such a loss. The white one really is amazing – it goes on colorless and just gives you glittery greatness. And the hot pink – my trick is to put a touch of blush on the apples of my cheeks first and then touch this on top – it’s over the top glittery but super fun for a party or out on the town.

One of the products was the Colorescience Lip Polish in the color, Bed of Roses. It’s a pretty interesting lip product. It’s mineral based so in the tube it’s a bit oily and thick. It has a special lip gloss applicator and a little comes out on it at a time. You’re supposed to apply and let dry. It does stay on for a while – longer than others – when you let it dry. But, this morning, my bottom lip has an itchy spot. Could be that the product is a bit old (didn’t smell or look funny when I applied it last night) or that my lips are sensitive to the lip plumping stuff. I think I’ll try to give this one to someone cuz it’s pretty cool and I’d hate to just toss it. I might even try it on again – tho, the color is not ideal for me (it was a free sample given to a friend when she bought some bronzer from them and the color wasn’t right for her).

And, last, but not least, my Body Time Luminous Silk Facial Powder. I remember wondering where it went once and haven’t thought of it since. I’m really happy to have this back tho because I wear mineral foundation at work and sometimes, when I’m having a good day, I don’t need the color and this will be perfect. Yay!

Thanks for reading – if you’re curious about any of these products enough to go get them, do let me know what you think.

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