NUDE 4 piece sampler

I got a sample set of NUDE Skincare products and I’m already in love and ready to settle down and make 10,000 babies with these products (and I’ve only used four little packets!)
I’m so in love with this company and its products that I’m breaking my standard “upsides/not-so-upsides” form.

The sample kit I got came with four little envelopes of product:
Cleansing Facial Oil (love)
My first experience with cleansing oils was in Esthetic school when we used Dermalogica’s PreCleanse in every facial. I may write about that one someday but for now I’ll say that I fell in love with cleansing oils back then and I still really enjoy them. Nude’s version is fabulous. You apply it to your skin without water and massage it in for a while. Bit by bit, you add water and watch it emulsify into a watery, creamy substance. This gets the skin super clean by attaching the cleansing oil to the oils on the skin and then rinsing them away with the water. Plus, it leaves the skin feeling conditioned and fresh and not dried out.

Advanced Eye Complex (feels wonderful)
It’s hard to say much about eye cream from a sample except for how it feels.

Age Defence Moisturiser (not too heavy, feels lovely)
Same as eye cream. Worth purchasing more of it to really see
how it is.

Miracle Mask (tingly and awesome)
Now I’m just gushing. I do like tingly masks tho!

When I first heard about this company, it was last year thru my lovely healer friend Star. She thought I’d be interested in it because of its natural and probiotic ingredients and she was right. When I saw the samples offered at the Sephora checkout, I was psyched to try them out, finally.

Y’all know I love me some eco friendly products, companies, packaging, etc. Check this out:

Recycling in the USA

If you don’t have a recycling facility close by, you can return your packaging to a Nude store and we’ll recycle it for you. Alternatively, you can post your empty packaging direct to the recycling plant:

Jesus Lopez
Plastic Broker
19 Lake Avenue
New York
USA 10708

It’s a little thing, I know, but I love that kind of commitment to the environment.

The only thing I don’t love about these products are the prices but, as you may have discovered by now, I’m a little cheap. At least, I don’t like paying over $15 for cleanser (this amazing cleansing oil is $36 – drat). They have a serum that I haven’t tried yet that’s just under $100, which is do-able if it’s awesome. I always tell my clients that serums are where you want to spend the money because they have the biggest effect on the skin.

I’m definitely wondering what you have to say about any of NUDE’s products if you’ve used them. I don’t feel it’s fair to rate them without using at least a bottle full but I’m psyched to get some asap.

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