Origins Underwear for Lids Primer

Having recently re-discovered Origins products, I came across their eyeshadow primer called Underwear for Lids – The smoothing lid primer (not to be confused with Underwear for Lids – Delicate color for eyes)

Here’s how I used it:
– I walked into Macys with no makeup on and went to the Origins counter.
– There was no customer service rep there (10am on a weekday) so I found the Underwear for Lids and spent a bit of time trying to figure out which was the color and which was the primer.
– I found the primer, wiped it down well with a tissue (the same technique would have been used by the customer service rep, had s/he been there) and applied it to my lower lids.
– The first layer was a little thin so I added more to get the coverage I wanted – it was fun to use the lipstick-like stick

of primer right on my eyes like that, rather than having to use a wand or brush.

The upsides:
The Applicator
– Even tho it’s a plastic tube (which they do offer to recycle if you bring it back when you’re finished) I love that it’s a stick of creamy goodness that you just draw on & lightly blend.

The Texture

– It’s silky smooth and not drying. Would be great for someone with dry skin as it feels quite emollient.

The not-so-upsides:
The Texture
– I use my shadow primer under my eyes as concealer as well as on my lids to make my shadow stick & not crease. I figured, if it makes shadow not crease, it must not crease under the eyes as well. To me, this is a reasonable assumption. However, this one was so silky and thin that did not provide enough coverage under my eyes.
– To piggyback on the previous point, because I had to put so much of it on, it collected in the creases under my eyes within 10 minutes and by the end of the day it made my under eye wrinkles stand out even more than they did before I put the product on. So, if you’ve got eye wrinkles where you would use primer, this is NOT the product for you.

The Name

– Having two different products with the same name is confusing and not a good branding stance. Yes, the primer has a different colored tube with lots of text on it but when I was at the counter it took me a while to figure out which was the primer and which was the “delicate color for eyes.” This makes it hard for me to recommend it because I have to warn them about the two different items. However, if I liked it more, I’d be okay with that so this issue is just salt on the wound, so to speak.

I suppose I should try it as an actual eyeshadow primer but I want ONE product for top and bottom lids so even if it is great as a shadow primer, it’s not going to work for me.

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