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The Bodyshop Monoi Miracle Oil

bodyshop_monoi_miracle_oilMy frizzy, curly hair has led me to try many different substances to tame the frizz and define the curl. I finally found one that consistently works for me: The Body Shop‘s Monoi Miracle Oil
Obviously, I spend a lot of time looking at products. I always like to check out The Body Shop because I’ve known them since I was just a kid back when they still scented the products for you with their bulk perfume oils.

(if you also miss that tradition, there’s always Body Time if you’re lucky enough to have one near you.)

For over 20 years (O.M.G.)(I started young…) I’ve watched The Body Shop grow and change and am excited about their Community Trade campaign, of which, this is part.

Here’s how I use it:
– When I wash my hair once or twice a week, I make sure to put a good sized pool of the oil in my palm – about the size of a nickel on my pixie cut – spread it over my hands and then

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lost treasure found – yay!

3/6/10 UPDATE Having recently discovered the WP import from Blogger tool, I was able to export this one (slightly relevant) esthetic post from my old blogspot blog. It’s old, but it belongs here, now that this exists. 🙂

Last night as I was preparing my toiletries for a visit to Santa Cruz, I discovered a cache of makeup products that I thought I’d lost a looong time ago (at least a year).
They were in the small outside pocket that I don’t use very often – soo rad. Continue reading