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Weleda Skin Food

I first heard about Weleda when I was in college. I hurt a muscle somehow and my European friend gave me the last of her Weleda Arnica tincture to apply to it and it totally worked.
[I hunted for it on the website but the medical part is really deep and I don’t remember exactly which one I had.]

Since then, I’ve noticed Weleda products here and there – when babysitting, the baby products; when hanging out with my hippy friends, the strange salt toothpaste (that I’m fascinated by but can’t bring myself to pay $7 for); on my seemingly eternal hunt for curl taming hair products, the Rosemary Hair Oil (review of that coming later).

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Juice Organics Brightening Cleanser

I’ve been curious about Juice Beauty for some time now. They are local to me, use a blend of fruit juice as the liquid component of all of their products and the names and descriptions of their products are really intriguing to me. Times being what they are, I’ve not ventured very far into their product list.
Then I found Juice Organics Brightening Cleanser at Target and I was so excited.

Here’s how I use it:
The best results come from applying it to dry skin and massaging it in. I add a little water, massage till sticky, add more water, massage again and then rinse. My skin feels silky smooth and very clean without feeling tight.

The upsides:

– It’s only about $12 at Target or you can buy it right from their website.
– It smells pleasant because of essential oils.
– It’s organic!
– Here’s an excerpt from the about us page on their website

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