Addy’s Esthetics & Bodywork is dedicated to providing individuals with relief from muscular, emotional, and mental tension. The synergy created by combining massage, energy work and esthetics is deeply fulfilling to me. I love to tailor my treatments to each client – every client gets what’s best for him or her and no two sessions are alike!
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Skincare water splashMy skincare treatments thoroughly treat the skin, are incredibly relaxing for the body, effective in treating your concerns, and have been frequently touted as “the best facial I’ve ever had” by clients. I use Skin Script and Sia Botanica products because they are the best of nature with the best of science to achieve results and are free from parabens, animal testing, synthetic fragrances, and synthetic fillers.


massageIn my massage and bodywork sessions, I specialize in deep yet gentle techniques for profound tension release that includes advanced study in deep tissue AND multiple types of energy balancing. You will experience a deeply relaxing treatment complete with warm towels, aromatherapy and specific attention to the concerns you bring to the table.

Pregnancy Massage

pregnancy-massage For pregnant clients, I bring to your relaxing, integrative massage 32 hours of training in pre-natal and post-partum massage that includes an in-depth education regarding what a woman is going through – physically AND emotionally – during each stage of her pregnancy.

Energy Balancing

reikiEnergy Balancing treatments utilizing Reiki or, Universal Life Force, are gentle, healing treatments for times when you don’t want a massage but you need some nourishment. This fully clothed modality is excellent for clients who are looking to dive more deeply into themselves and sort out any challenges they may be currently experiencing.
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Product Reviews

Addy’s Esthetics product reviews are offered as a detailed resource for you, so that you can find products for yourself that are effective on your skin, comfortable for your budget, and inline with your eco-friendly stance.