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Adriene offers reiki infused facials and therapeutic bodywork (including pre-natal and post-natal) to help you unwind chronic skin, body and spirit challenges.

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Bodywork Offerings

60 min/ $100
75 min/ $125
90 min/ $150

Reiki/Energy Balancing

60 min/ $90
75 min/ $115

Pregnancy Massage

As a pregnancy massage professional, to your treatment, I bring 32 hours of training in pre-natal and post-partum massage including in-depth education regarding what a woman is going thru – physically AND emotionally – during each stage of her pregnancy.

Pre-Natal Massage

I recommend massage every three weeks to assist with integrating the changes your body is going through and also to prepare your body for labor by creating relaxed conditions for your birthing process to go as smoothly as possible.

60 min/ $100
75 min/ $125

Post-Partum Massage

Support yourself through the process of becoming a mother by offering yourself time to relax and recharge your batteries. We can give the best of ourselves to the ones we love when we are nurtured and allowed to rest.

60 min/ $100
75 min/ $125
90 min/ $150

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Adriene can provide Bodywork and Skincare Packages

The Complete

2 hours/ $220

includes: 60 minutes of Therapeutic Bodywork and a 60 minute Customized Facial (double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions [if needed], face + upper body massage, mask and a nourishing cocktail of vitamins, botanical extracts and antioxidants) – our most popular treatment!

Skincare Offerings

Adriene’s skincare offerings are targeted treatments using natural and effective products and techniques.
All skincare treatments include a bouquet of sensations and scents and are customized to your specific skincare goals, be it anti-aging concerns for the face or acne reduction needs for the back. You will emerge refreshed and feeling lighter.

60 min/ $120

60 min/ $125

add a peel to either for only $25

Foot Scrub

10 min/ $20

Back Scrub

10 min/ $20


lashes $25 | brows $15 | lash + brows $35

Skincare Add-Ons

Targeted Bodywork

There’s nothing quite like focused bodywork to get you relaxed and melty before a facial.

  • 15 min/ $25: Choose a specific area like shoulders/neck, lower back, hamstrings, calves for focused deep tissue work.
  • 30 min/ $50: This is a great way to have full back massage added to your facial.

Energy Balancing

  • 15 min/ $25: This is a great way to more deeply understand emotional or spiritual questions you may be grappling with.